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High quality wifi antenna. Lens adapter: 2.4g wireless. Other. H166-r. 30pin audio output. 800410. Bluetooth aux nfc car kit. Kya000058. V2.1+edr. Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode wireless adapter. Used for cnc router. Support os: Bttc-318-wht. Bluetooth audio receiver transmitter. Pt220. Up to 150h. Wireless send and receiver wireless 30m 98ft,  lan cable 120m 393ft. Csr v4.0. 

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Caixa wifi car: Bluetooth transmitter: Frequency range: : Version: Use range: Ctia audio adapter. 4k video. 4 mbps. Hdmi & vga / audio & video. Led bar-002. For all bluetooth devices. Amstar. Voltage supply: Mini wireless bluetooth stick. Bluetooth phone dongle. Black white green blue red. Mining bitcoin miner. 

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