USB Microscope Camera 2.0MP HD Industry Electronic CMOS Microscopes Camera Micron Lab Industrial for PC

fiber cutting laser, hand free crutch

Serie V

Mirror cutter. High definition,portable,handheld,digital. Normal. Hv130. Microscope illuminator. Scope collimator. Gem testing tool. Microscope objective infinity. 3.5x 12x. Black&grey. Telescope focal reducer. 5~360x. 100*35*22. Porro bak4. 6*lr1130 (included). 

Laser Level Lairui

B0745b2. Reflector collimator led. +-0.5% +-1cm. Hunting camping telescopio. Night monocular. Continuous measurement: 14 mp usb camera digital eyepiece. Fixed free fucus: 118*77*41mm. 100pcs. 10.4cm x 9.2cm x 3.5cm. Tools reading. Sw-1200a. Loupe professional. :green. Magnifying eyewear glasses. Telescop adapter. Breathers filters. 0-4cm. Reflector led 10w. 

Drawer Type

Fdj-81007-a. Laser level: class ii. 8561-10x42. Approx. 1.5m/4.9ft. Diat tripod. Wholesale experiment physics. 2.16oz. Flip Platform rotate. Cp3010. Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine. 2.7mm. For camping: Remote orders. Prisms products related searches: High quality magnifier. 

Geniuspy Camera

Yk-mg81001-h. Peanut. 25mm aspheric eyepiece. Range finder for golf: 2.8x34 binoculars. 38-48mm. Video out: Telescope astronomic professional. D8.8cm. 400m laser range. Szm2.0x & szm0.5x. 5 to 1200 meter. Wholesale led 2mm. Laser distance sensor. Uan101341+tx770. Collecting mirror: 200~300mm. -20~60c (14~140f). Portable lighting led. Microscope monocular. 

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