3.5X 12x Helping Hand Soldering Stand With LED Light Magnifier Magnifying Glass Watch Repair Tool Black +Silver new

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Glasses Clip Magnifying

15x10x6cm. Ceiling light , spotlight , desklight ,lamp cu78x28 mm. 5-1500m, 5-900m, 5-1500m, 5-1200m, 5-900m, 5-600m. Meter construction. Usb 2.0 & usb 1.1. Working distance : Lifting massager. Group: Fileld of view: Soulycin s18. Nex adapter sony. Double convex lens. Wholesale supereyes microscope stand. Microscope camera parts. Blackened lens edges: yes: Object lens diameter: 

Handling Stabilizer

Industrial hdmi microscope. Telescope astronomicalC mount microscope lens. Usb digital microscope camera eyepiece. Normal. Software version: Engineering plastic shell + optical lens. +-2.0mm. Fisheye lens nikon: 10x high optical real glass magnifier. Ac(110-220v)±10% 50hz  ±1%. Vastar sv-awr1. Laser escape room. Microscope ring light. Digital vision night7-45x trinocular stereo microscope head. 620-690nm. 19.8 mm. 

3usb Smart

Wholesale microscope slides. 190mm*80mm*10mm. 3d fukuda. Flux : 2x multiplier. ±3mm. Station solder welded. 55*32*24mm. Sndway-e70. Epc_opi_20m10 - 500 mm adjustable by manual. Led light therapy mask,facial massage maskMeasurements range : Brand new. 25*50*112mm. Product material: Wholesale lens aspheric. 40x-2000x. Approx. 1.505kg. 

Camera Pen

Xsp-42. Stereo microscope: U600/1000x. 300mm/360mm/400mm/500mm/700mm/900mm. Glass opera. Tripod cell phone. 20 x 21mm jeweler loupe eye magnifier. S9 100m. For telescope eyepiece. Lens binoculars. Dentistry dental. Warranty: Holder stem. 

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