AIBOULLY 2 megapixels VGA high definition electronic microscope 8 inch screen digital magnifying glass repair mobile phone PC

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Instrument Mini

1.25'' eyepiece filter. Bicycle helmet epu. 342 ft at 1000 yds. Industrial camera hd. 650 nm. Mount adapter. Um012c. #hpsk-8. Wholesale magnifying glass. 2.000 arc seconds. Bird hunting. Losmandy dovetail. 800tvl shrxy. 

Microscope Mobile

Max. magnification: : 100x  400x   1200x. Laser lens line. Minimum aperture diameter: 0.3m hd cmos sensor. Using type: 168ft / at1000yos. Digital magnifier for low vision. 14.8cm. Digital trinocular microscope. Telescope phone mount. A widespread use of reflective glass class diy boutique.Watch space. 

Magnifier Uv

Promise: 0.27kg. M(meter)/ft(foot)/in(inch). Glass clamp. 2.7mm. Wholesale discovery pro. 290x200x100mm. Kayak. Digital industry camera. 131m/ 1000m. Night day scope. 7x-45x. 6.3". Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Cloudray. 8 mm lens. Porro bak4. Film army. 20-50.8. 

Cleaner Pool

Led white light/purple light. High definition,portable,handheld,digital. Microscope illumination light. Working power voltage: Not includedWatch travel. 1/2.5" (5.70mm(h) x 4.28mm(v), diagonal 7.13mm). Led 45x 45. Digital microscope 500x. Universal microscope electronic eyepiece. Ipad sd card. Magnifying lens. System irrigation. 30w led. Fit for: 

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